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I want to share with you a part of the ministry that is not often seen.  We believe the original vision for us, the core mission that God has called us to, is to restore the identity of the fatherless. Though we minister to, and love on many diverse people groups throughout our region, we believe this to be our first and our most important calling.  This has both Spiritual and Physical aspects.  The most obvious part of physically restoring identity is the complete restoration of government paperwork.

Paperwork isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of ministering to orphans, but it is something that probably takes more time and effort than any other single aspect of the ministry.  Every day and every night, someone in the ministry is working on getting government paperwork in order for the orphans.  At least once a week someone makes the four hour round trip to our region’s capital, to do legal battle for those that God has entrusted us with.  Without this mountain of paperwork, an orphan is essentially a nobody in this country.  They are not allowed to go to school, get a job, or even live anywhere but the street.  This is when they are in the greatest danger of being trafficked for every evil thing under the sun.  If you’re in their shoes, and you’ve been raised in these circumstances, good news is rare.  It makes you easy prey for a predator who comes offering you good work in a foreign country.  This is why we do everything we can to get these kids a legal future in our country as quickly as possible. 

     This is how Papa’s love becomes real to them, when He does what should be impossible for them.  He proves to them that He’s not lying when He says that they are His children, and that they have an identity in Him.  He does this by forcing the rest of the world to acknowledge that they are a somebody, and that they have value.