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TRUE HOPE Building Project 2016
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True Hope March 2015 Update
Children’s Christmas Celebration Thank You

Well another school year has ended, and with it another class of True Hope graduates.  This year, 34 kids graduated, and we are so proud of them for reaching this huge milestone. 

These boys and girls were never given the same deal on life that most kids get, and as a result they still have a long way to go when we finally get a chance to start teaching them.  Praise God for our volunteer teachers who spent the entire school year doing evening tutoring at the True Hope Center, in our now officially sanctioned school.  Here, everyone learns the values of hard work and dedication, as they navigate the difficult path of catching up on missed education.  They also learn just how Faithful their Papa is.  I say they learn these things, because in the end, their trust and hard work actually pays off.  We’re proud to say that these kids aren’t just getting a certificate and a pat on the back, but an actual chance at a brighter future.  At this time, by His Grace and Mercy, we have actually succeeded in getting every single one into college!  From the day they graduated, we’ve been burning the midnight oil on prayer and paperwork, trying to find homes and schools for every single one.  It hasn't been an easy task, but it's been a successful one.   With Favor that can only come from God, many have even been accepted into some of the higher end colleges, ones that had previously been unattainable.

We believe all of this is happening in agreement with what God is saying about us.

For almost 3 years, our church has been located on a street named “Ignatyeva” after a Soviet historical figure.  However, because our country has decided to eliminate all names associated with the former Soviet Union, our street received a new name.  Not just any name, though.  The English translation of our new street name is “Glorious”.  If that's not awesome enough for you, it doesn’t end there.  The name of our district has been changed as well, to the biblical word used for covering and intercession.  So from now on, we will hold church in the “Covered” district, on “Glorious” street!  Something this incredible only happens by His Favor, and we agree with His prophetic word that our neighborhood and street will be Covered by Him, and changed by His Glory!