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About True Hope Ukraine
About True Hope Ukraine
About True Hope Ukraine
About True Hope Ukraine

 Max Fetisov - Founder and Director of True Hope Ukraine


I want to share a clearer definition of who and what we are. We talk about True Hope Ministry and True Hope Center but in actuality, God has given us an even bigger vision. True Hope is a ministry but it is also a missions base. The property that God has given us actually has two buildings on it, True Hope Center and the future home of Church of Truth. Most of you know about the Center because it has been the  main focus of our (and your) time, effort, money and prayer. The reason for this is the dire need we have for the Center to be completed because it’s a place where we can house, train, educate and provide a home to kids who have never had one. Presently, our kids are spread around the city living in many different apartments that we provide for them. God, in His wisdom, saw the need to have them under one roof so that we might better serve them, which is totally our heart.

He also saw the need for us to have a place to worship Him as a community; hence the second building. He knows our need before we do; that’s why there are two buildings on the property, not one. We need and want to take care of these kids in the natural but our greater heart and passion is to meet their eternal need by introducing them to Jesus Christ their Savior. It’s a match made in heaven, providing them with a home and a place where His family can worship together.

So, when you think of True Hope think of us as a ministry base. There is so much we do and plan to do here. Currently our administrative offices take care of all our kids legal and medical needs. We run a government accredited school program where our kids can get the individual help and encouragement they need to succeed. We provide counseling for our kids when their problems get too overwhelming for them or they simply need guidance. Some of our kids are employed by True Hope to do small tasks around and in the building, while some are working with the construction crew renovating the Center. We feed people once a week and give out groceries when needed. We host short term mission teams from around the world to serve the hurting and hopeless in Ukraine.

Some of our future plans for the base are:

•             a training center to learn computer skills, budgeting, job interviewing and general life skills

•             micro businesses housed in the Center

•             English as a second language class

•             foundational bible studies for the community

•             a place where missionaries can intern for up to one year

I hope this has given you a bigger picture of True Hope Ministries. We want to be and do all that God has intended in His heart for us by serving the hurting and hopeless in Ukraine. Thank you for caring and helping us accomplish this mission. If you are interested in coming to serve with us or want to give financially go to the Partner with Us page for our contact information. God bless you. 

Founder and Director

Max Fetisov

For more information please contact us at:

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