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True Hope Ukraine is a registered 501(c)3

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True Hope Ukraine is a registered 501(c)3

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As many of you know, we had our first, annual fundraising banquet for True Hope at the end of February. The goal was $35,000 to “raise the roof” for the True Hope Center. We are happy to report that all of the money was raised that evening!

The True Hope Center started as a dream to provide a better future for the orphans who are graduating from the orphanages.  These kids are being booted out into independent life with absolutely no ability to live independently, and we wanted to have a home where they could finally find the peace that is required to heal and grow.  We dreamed of the kind of atmosphere that is only found in a safe family environment, the kind of environment that God intended for children to grow up in.  The vision is that the kids will actually grow in their knowledge of who they are, and who God is, as well as develop the tools necessary for success on the outside, when they go on to independent life. We dreamed of kids being so empowered, that they become the next generation of people who are able to lend their strength to the weak.

God has shown us that this was not merely fanciful imagining.  He has proven and continues to prove that this larger than life vision is not merely a human dream, but something He plans to build.  In fall 2013 He provided the perfect property.  As of now the entire building has been paid off and renovations have been under way for a while.  We have all the windows in, running water, and one completely renovated large room that serves as a sanctuary for 3 churches.  All of the unwanted brush and trees that had grown up around the property have been cleaned out and removed.  The second building on the property that will eventually be the sanctuary has also been bricked in now.  We will be posting updates here as they happen, so that you can pray and celebrate our victories alongside of us.


Sadly, the future of orphans in Ukraine is a bleak one, but we have been successfully working for several years to change that. Recently, God has given is an incredible vision of how we can continue to help orphanage graduates, but in a bigger and more effective way. True Hope Center will be a home to orphanage graduates who have given up on life, an educational center to broaden their opportunities for employment, and a place of worship where they can find healing and hope for the future.