True Hope Ministries, as a whole, has a surprisingly large sphere of influence. Our minsters are partnering with God in spreading His Kingdom all over our city. You can see all the locations we are regularly ministering below.

It's quite humbling for us to step back and look at just how much He has entrusted to us. We know that the task of serving these beloved children of His is not possible without the help of Jesus, and the help of His Body. If you have not done so yet, and you have felt a pull in your own heart towards Ukraine, we ask that you would adopt one of these little dots on the map into your own spirit. We ask that you would regularly lift it up in prayer. We ask that when you do, you remember that on the other side of that little dot are hurting people who need a Savior, and ministers who likewise need the constant support from His Spirit.

At True Hope, we know the power of a united Body praying together. We would be both honored and blessed by the support of your prayers. Join your battle cry to ours, as we push back the darkness and claim this city for the King of Glory!