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True Hope Ukraine is a registered 501(c)3

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True Hope Ukraine is a registered 501(c)3

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From permanent care facilities for disabled adults, to hospitals for abandoned babies, True Hope has a regular presence in a large variety of medical facilities here in Krivoy Rog.  We are always pressing in for Papa’s best on our visits, praying for miraculous healings no matter how slight or how dire the situation may be.  I must say, too, that our Daddy’s heart for the sick is never in question here.  Many times over, He has proven His love and faithfulness, and we have even seen things as destructive as severe mental illness and Tuberculosis flee from the mighty name of Jesus.

However, we know that even when the healing doesn’t come, our first and foremost calling is to be ambassadors of His love.  To us, this means more than just showing up and praying for healing every once in a while.  It means a consistent investment of our time, our resources, and our love, even when it hurts.  We believe that this is the co-laboring that our God truly desires of us.  It’s when we do this that God’s true character is revealed, and we are able to see real healing of body, soul, and spirit.